Are You Eligible for Home Health Care?

Home health care has been a big part in the health care industry as it was able to provide necessary health care services to patients. With that, it might be time to assess yourself and see if you are eligible for home health.

Nurse holding hands of senior man in bedroom

The following are the requirements to be eligible for home health:

  • Authorization from a Physician

    To avail of our home healthcare service, you need a written physician’s order signed by your physician.

  • For Home Bound Patients

    You might not able to perform your daily activities because of chronic health-related problems or old age. You need assistance with your house activities or you need an everyday companion.

  • If you Need Skilled Services

    Patients with certain health conditions may need skilled health care services like skilled nursing, speech, physical and occupational therapy.

  • If you Need Short Term Services

    If you need health and nursing care due to illness or if you are recuperating from surgery.

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