Quality Healthcare Services in Saugus, Massachusetts
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Crown Home Healthcare & Psych Service MA, Inc. understands your desire for an improved and healthy living. With us, we will accomplish your goals by providing quality health care and treatment programs that promote your health advancement.

Old age, chronic illnesses, and post-surgical operation, all these reasons require a treatment plan that focuses on your recovery. Fortunately, we are the best health care agency to trust. We provide quality and tailor-fitted treatment right at your home where you feel safe and comfortable.

With the help of our credentialed registered nurses and therapists, your needed medical treatment will be provided. Our staffs have been thoroughly screened and carefully selected to match your expectations and needs. They are experienced and highly knowledgeable in health care services. You will have peace of mind in knowing that they administer the most effective treatment plan you need.

Crown Home Healthcare & Psych Service MA, Inc. works closely with your physician, family, and caregiver. We assess your health condition and identify the level of care you need. This will allow us to formulate a personalized treatment plan that is beneficial in your end. We will also provide you and your family the needed education and advice to properly treat and manage your illness.

We treat you like family. As a reliable health care agency, we will serve you regardless of your age, gender, race, language, health condition and status.

Behavioral Modification
This therapeutic technique focuses on changing or altering the patient’s behavior and reactions by using positive and negative reinforcements. Through this, patients will learn to manage their behavior effectively.
Medication Augmentation
Our dependable staff will deliver this treatment with a proficiency and expertise. This program treats depression by adding a second medicine to the current antidepressant therapy, in which the patient is undergoing. This aims to improve or accelerate his/her response to the program.
Physical Restraint
We at Crown Home Healthcare & Psych Service MA, Inc. believes that this kind of treatment should be a last resort. However, special cases that need physical restraint will be handled by our staff with respect towards our patients.
Chemical Restraint
The medications used for chemical restraint is prescribed by our licensed and experienced physician. Our healthcare professionals always see to it that they follow the proper guidance for the use of restraint to guarantee the safety of our patients.

Should you have inquiries about our treatment programs, please call us anytime at 781-233-2377 or using our Contact Us.